Assure the salesperson or trader that interest, buy or sell, will be attended to, given any change in the trading circumstances, as follows:
At a price: If the stock trade at a certain price or price range, the trader will show this market to the salesperson and thus allow participation under these favorable circumstances. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
floor protection: Representation of a client on the floor of the exchange-so that if size were to trade at his price or a better price, salesperson would participate. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Volume ( OTC): If a certain amount of volume trades (that parallels the protectee's interest), trader assures salesperson of reasonable participation in the trading activity. The extent of this protection depends on liquidity, number of market makers, and other aspects of the stock. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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protect pro‧tect [prəˈtekt] verb [transitive]
1. to keep someone or something safe from harm, damage, bad influences etc:

• laws protecting the rights of disabled people

• P&G wants to protect its $180 million investment by obtaining a 10-year extension of three patents.

protect somebody/​something from something

• The cover protects the machine from dust.

protect (somebody/​something) against

• The wage index system protects workers against inflation.

2. ECONOMICS to try to help an industry in your own country by taxing foreign goods that are competing with it, so limiting the number that can be imported:

• For decades, the Mexican government protected its domestic growers by regulating corn imports.

3. INSURANCE to provide insurance against damage to your home, car, etc :

• Having unemployment insurance means that you are partially protected if you lose your job.

— protected adjective [only before a noun] :

• Global banking has changed from being a protected industry to a deregulated one.

• Tight import quotas in five protected markets will be gradually reduced.

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protect UK US /prəˈtekt/ verb
[I or T] to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss: protect sb/sth from sth »

They produce a self-adhesive plastic cover designed to protect CDs from scratches.

protect sb/sth against sth »

The company has been ordered to take corrective action to protect consumers against high-pressure sales tactics.

protect against sth »

The investment does not insure profits or protect against losses in a declining market.

protect sb's interests/investments/rights »

The agreement obliges WTO Members to protect the rights, including copyrights and trademarks, of citizens of all other Members.


This material is protected by copyright.

[T] ECONOMICS if a government protects part of its country's trade or industry, it helps it by taxing goods from other countries or limiting the amount of goods that can be imported: »

Import barriers protected the fledgling enterprises.


a protected industry/market

[I or T] INSURANCE to provide someone with insurance against injury, damage, or loss: »

Workers should take out insurance, whether to cover themselves against a particular illness or to protect their income.

protect against sth »

Life annuities protect against the risk of people outliving their savings.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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